Wagandang Wednesdays (2021)

A FILAM FANGIRL livestream series by Rachel Torrelino

What is Wagandang Wednesday?

Wagandang Wednesday is a FILAM FANGIRL livestream series on YouTube that premiered on January 6, 2021. The livestream is a place for me to “virtually hangout” with the FILAM FANGIRL community and talk about culture, life, representation, and many other random thoughts and topics to get us through the week!

Latest Episodes

How did it begin?

Special shoutout to my husband Mark for naming the series. A part of the livestream name comes from the Tagalog word “magandang”, translated in English as “good, beautiful, positive, loving, well, and wonderful”. Wagandang Wednesdays is a continuation of the previous Mabuhay Mondays (2019) livestream series so that we, as a community, can continue to spread good, beauty, positivity, love, wellness, and wonderful vibes.

When can I watch a livestream?

Anytime! To watch live and in real-time, visit my YouTube channel to set a reminder for the next Wagandang Wednesday episode. To watch episode replays, click here.