#RACHEYandMARK Wedding

We’re getting married! 💍

Monday, December 18th at 3:30pm
📍 Downtown Disney’s Jazz Kitchen
Ceremony & Reception located at same venue.





In the details…

  • Parking: Free Parking! Please have your parking ticket validated & make sure you have the extra ticket voucher.
  • Ceremony: Begins promptly at 3:30pm
  • Appetizers: Served at 4:30pm
  • Reception: Buffet Dinner served at 5:30pm
  • Location: Reception will follow immediately after the ceremony in the same location
  • Our Registry: We’re registered on Zola!


Wedding Timeline

3:30 PM Ceremony in the Parlor Room

4:30 PM Appetizers & Drinks on Jazz Balcony

5:30 PM Buffet dinner served

5:45 PM All the mushy gushy program stuff!

7:30 PM Dance Dance Dance

9:00 PM Watch fireworks from the Jazz Balcony *fingers crossed*


Let’s get those curious questions out of the way:

  • Why are you getting married on a Monday? Let’s not focus on the fact that it is a Monday, and embrace the fact that it is on our 8th year anniversary! Everything is coming full circle, because eight years from our wedding day we went on our first date.
  • How are you getting married in a month?! When there’s a will there’s a way. With the help of a little Disney magic and amazing family and friends, we are pulling this together in a month!
  • What are your wedding colors & theme? Think Winter Disney Fairytale and a range of colors between powder blue to steel blue to pewter gray to silver. Basically, a realm of the colors shown below:

  • What should I wear? Your best dressed formal to black tie evening wear (i.e. gowns, suits, full-length dresses, chic cocktail dresses). You don’t have to match the wedding colors, but you are welcome to if you’d like.  **For guests with children 12 and under:** We are having a Disney-themed wedding, so we encourage you to dress up your kiddie(s) as a Disney character!

»  If you’re really stuck, here is a Pinterest board with a general idea of what to wear!

  • What will the weather be like? Is it indoor or outdoor? The internet kindly provided us with weather forecasts for our wedding to be a sunny 67°F during the day and 52°F at night with clear skies. The venue is both indoor and outdoor — bring jackets and other layers to stay warm.
  • Will you be providing tsinelas, slippers, or flats for dancing? We won’t be providing these, but you are more than welcome to bring an extra pair of comfortable footwear to boogie.
  • Will there be an open bar? For a set amount of hours in the night, yes… we will have a “happy hour” of unlimited free drinks. However, please keep in mind that it will not be happy hour the entire night, and the bar will turn into a cash-bar-pumpkin at a certain hour. Don’t forget to bring your IDs! They will be checked at the door, and if you plan to do the happy hour, please ask for a wristband.
  • Can I bring a plus one? Our venue has a limited capacity, so to ensure that all our dearest family and friends can attend, we are unfortunately unable to accommodate plus ones.
  • Where is your registry? You can find our registry here, if you click here.



We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

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