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To Infinity and Beyond


Welcome to the Insta-famous Infinity Room — better known as Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room. Not all visitors at The Broad are able to experience this beauty because the lines are ridiculously long.

Mark and I were lucky enough to go in because our double date, Geoffrey and Christine, arrived way earlier and were able to get us on the same-day reservation list.

What I didn’t expect with the Infinity Room:

  • The short amount of time you get to stay in the room. The door-keeper tells you that you have 30-seconds to go in, but it feels like five seconds.
  • The limited space. I can see why there is a maximum limit of two people in the room at a time because when you walk into the room, there is a very small platform you can walk onto. The platform is surrounded by water, and I guess the door-keeper has to warn people not to fall in the water every time 😅
  • Feeling like I was in X-Men’s Cerebro — the lights and complete silence made me feel like I was Professor X listening in on other people’s thoughts.


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I believe the Infinity Room installation ends on October 2017! 

So, I highly recommend visiting before it’s taken down.


How To Get Into the Infinity Room:

  1.  Book a ticket for earlier in the day when you go to The Broad.
  2. Wait in the on-site ticketing line. (Reminder! The Broad ticket and the same-day reservation for the Infinity Room are two separate things.)


You bet I’ll do my best to go back before the Infinity Room closes down in October 2017.

lotsa virtual hugs,

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