This Christmas

This year Mark and I had an intimate Christmas with both the Bulosan and Torrelino sides of the family. On Christmas Eve, we made it a point to visit both sides and we did it!

Christmas Eve (12/24)

I didn’t take any days off leading up to Christmas, so I worked until 3:00-ish. I rushed to get ready for dinner at the Bulosan’s and Mark did some last-minute deep cleaning before the new year arrives.

We arrived at my parents’ house and Shadow so kindly took pictures and smiled (see above). His festive bandana was a nice touch. It unintentionally matched with everyone’s red home decor. (It wasn’t planned, but both mom-Bulosan and mom-Torrelino decorated in red this year! Keep reading to see the matchy-match.)

As per usual, Mommy Eden delivered with her delicious Christmas spread!

We had pot roast, asparagus, scalloped potatoes, and alfredo pasta. mmmmm~

After dinner, the kiddos (Nick and Jenelle) decorated their Christmas cookies. While they played with frosting and candy, Mark and I headed over to the Casa de Torrelino.

We had a mini-photoshoot (lol). Mark’s parents don’t usually do big things for the holidays because they work in the medical field.

Anyone who works in the medical field or has family in the medical field knows that healthcare doesn’t rest and the holidays are not an exception.

So, thank you to all the health care professionals out there who had to work on Christmas and sacrificed your time with your family to be elsewhere.

It was best said by Miki Rai in her Day in the life of a Nurse | 16-hour shift vlog,

Nobody wants to work on Christmas, but also no kid wants to be sick on Christmas.

Miki Rai, BSN, RN on YOUTUBE

Sidenote: I’ve been really into watching career vloggers on YouTube, and it’s so nice to hear about people like Miki with this mindset in the medical field.

After spending some time with mom and dad-Torrelino, we headed back over to the Bulosan’s in time for gifts and our first “annual” white elephant. (I’m saying ‘annual’ because I’m hoping this will turn into a tradition.

Of course, before opening any gifts and wreaking havoc on the nicely-wrapped presents, we needed to take more pictures (like the one above). No surprise… the one above was the most decent looking photo… even with Jenelle pretending to be back in Bridget’s womb.

I also made Nick crouch down because he’s getting way too tall for me to see past him in photos. He’s turning eleven soon and I’m positive he will be taller than me next Christmas.

After taking enough photos to wear out the kids, we began our white elephant! We planned for this white elephant at Thanksgiving, and we were excited to see what was in our white elephant “pool” this year.

Observe, our cray-cray white elephant! Shoutout to mama and papa-Bulosan for being the reason why we always have a place to go for Christmas every year. We love you!

Christmas Day (12/25)

Mark and I drove home on Christmas Eve because I really wanted to sleep in my own bed, but the next day (Christmas Day) we drove back to Orange to hang out with our family.

I had some reserved tickets in advance to watch Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker (Episode IX).

While we waited for our showtime to approach, we got caught up watching The Imagineering Story series on Disney+.

Random, but funny thing… we found our high school friend’s name in the first episode! Mark was the first one to see her name when the inside-of-the-Matterhorn part came up. Then, we hit ‘rewind’, I took a photo, DM’ed Diana Loi, and she confirmed that it was her! What a small small small world?!

Our showtime finally arrived and we headed to the movie theater!

To say I “fangirled” is an understatement. The movie was amazing and wonderful and all things good in the world. Ugh, I loved watching Star Wars on Christmas Day. It was perfect.

After our movie, we went to Mark’s parents’ house to pick up our fur baby, Shadow.

Our families got cozy, chatted, and enjoyed each other’s company.

This Christmas was intimate. It was quieter than most Christmases every year, but our family needed peace after the challenging year we’ve had.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours! I hope you had a peaceful Christmas too!

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