The Little Things that Make Me Happy

Things That Make Me Happy

This post is inspired by a fellow blogger, Sweet Allure. It is always a good idea to write out the list of little things that make us happy.

I like to consider it as a form of therapy. These lists also serve as a mini-reminder to ourselves to be grateful for the lives we live and the air we breathe.

Here are some of the little things that make me happy:

1. A full tank of gas

2. A made bed when I get home

3. A freshly washed car (inside and out)

4. Pay Days

5. My professors’ sarcastic & witty jokes

6. Getting an A on papers

7. Finishing projects and meeting deadlines

8. Lounging around watching Netflix or Hulu

9. When Mark checks up on me for no reason

10. Spending time with goddaughters

11. Taking my little brother out for ice cream

12. Ice Cream

13. Pajamas

14. Mindless Pinterest-ing

15. Brunch and mimosas

16. Beach days with Mark

17. Creative photoshoots

18. Inspirational podcasts and TedTalks

19. Motivational graduation speeches

20. (Last but not least) Time to blog


What little things makes you happy? Share in the comments below 💛


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*INSPIRED BY: 30 Things that Always Make Me Happy by Sweet Allure

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  • Alys George
    2017-10-03 at 03:17

    OMG yes. Honestly feel you with all these. It’s the little things in life that can so easily put a smile on my face!



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