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The Life My Dad & Mom Built

It’s our first day at the new office! But before I get situated in my new environment/second home, let’s take a moment to appreciate this beautiful building that so kindly became the place where I propelled my career.

I appreciate this building for many personal reasons. The most important reason is because it is where my dad left his legacy many moons ago. This building is a representation of the life my dad (literally and figuratively) built for my family. This building is where my dad had many meetings – with many people from around the world – to make things happen and construct the roads and highways we drive on, the airports we fly in and out of, the hospitals many patients benefit from, and the monumental structures used by thousands of people every day (i.e. Disney Calif. Adventure’s Pacific Wharf, the Los Angeles Superior Courthouse, and Children’s Hospital of OC… just to name a few). I’m proud to have walked the same halls as my father, and aspire to – one day, someday soon – touch as many lives as he has.

P.S. Behind every king is a badass queen who inspired, supported, and loved him. So, Mom, this one is for you too. I love you both 😘

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