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The Instant *Click* Between Filipinos


What is it about Filipinos and immediately having a connection just because they are Filipino? I like to call it an “instant click.” You know… the one where you go to an event with new people everywhere, but you spot that one other Filipino there. Then, you hover towards them and just start talking… and click. You’re practically family.


How It Begins: “You’re Filipino! Let’s be friends!”

On many occasions, my friendships with my fellow kababayans starts with the confirmation that we’re both Filipino. We never mean to leave anyone else out of this secret connection, it’s just a natural part of us to be like, oh! filipino — walk over there, and be friends for life. As long as both sides are friendly, it just works. I’ve met some of the best people because of this instant filipino connection.

Let me know in the comments below if you are Filipino and you totally get what I’m talking about! Also, let me know if it’s not just Filipinos, and this happens with other cultures too.


Shoutout to My Filipina Friends + How I Met Them

Brace yourself, most of these photos are of the friends I met when I used compete in pageants. It was always at pageants where I found the most down-to-earth, down-to-take-a-photo-even-if-we-just-met people.


My Childhood Friends


(left to right) Christine, Rachel, Stephanie, Liezel, Darene, Megan.

Christine is one of my oldest and dearest friend who I’ve known since 2006. We were in junior high school when we met at a Associated Student Government volunteer event. We were setting up for the school dance and when we took a break from the craziness to hangout at the park bleachers, Christine literally asks me, are you filipino? And the rest is history… Until today, she’s like family.

About a year after, I met Stephanie! There was a again, that filipino thing I was talking about. Steph was the first friend I met who was well-versed in Filipino culture. She knew Tagalog. She visited the Philippines often because her parents found it important. She had a Filipino flag hanging in her car when she started driving. She was my co-president of the Filipino club our senior year of high school. I’m so happy we’re still as close as we are to this day.

So, the group you see above was literally the Filipino girl group in high school. Liezel was the youngest, Darene was the second youngest, and Megan was our only hapa Japanese/Filipino gem.

I look at this picture and find it so funny that there are non-Filipino people out there who still think “all filipinos look the same” (hahahahhah). Look at the rest of my filipino friends in this post and try to tell me we look exactly the same.



(left to right) Chanelle and Rachel.

My fit-guru, beach bum-skating Channel 💪🏽 How I miss you so…

Nothing in particular happened between us, just being busy and slowly not hanging out happened. But if you’re reading this girl, I miss you! And I’m thinking of you! Chanelle was someone I knew about since high school, but met in college. We didn’t do the whole you’re filipino click thing because we already knew it and because we’ve known about each other for so long.

I met Chanelle mutually because of Christine. And by mere association with Christine, I already felt connected to Chanelle.



(left to right) Christine, Stephanie, Carol, Rachel.

Carol! Carol is that one friend who can speak English, Tagalog, and Korean fluently. I also met Carol because of Christine and my boyfriend Mark 💛 I didn’t know it back in high school that we would end up going to the same community college before transferring out to our universities. I hope you’re doing well love! I love that every time we run into each other at friend/family parties, it’s easy to pick back up where we left off.


My Mixed-Filipina Sisters from Other Misters

(left to right) Rachel, Josie, Emily, Kaetlyn.

I met these ladies during my first year at Miss Garden Grove in 2014. And yes, we are all Filipino in someway shape or form. I’m full-Filipino. Josie and Emily are half. And Kaetlyn, is dutchapino. I think that’s what Kaetlyn calls it. She’s all sorts of mix, and she embraces it all. I love that.


My Fellow Night-Owl, Spirit Animal, and Always-Down Model

Perfect segue back to Kaetlyn 💖 I’ve known this chica for three years, and no matter what, I can always count on running into her at pageant-related or Garden Grove-related events and expect the following sequence:

» Spot each other

» Scream in excitement

» Run to each other

» Give each other the biggest hug

Every single time, with the same high-energy and genuine excitement.

As you can see in the title, I call her my night owl and spirit animal because for the longest time we always caught each other on Twitter super late at night when the rest of the world is sleeping. She would post something funny, and I’d laugh. She would post something about social issues, and I’d be totally for it. She would post something about women empowerment, and I’d be like YEEEESSSS QUEEEEEEN. 

I also call her my always-down model because she is literally always down to come out and do a photoshoot with me. I have lots of photos of our adventures, and even more photos on Snapchat to document the few times that we get to see each other. But even though we get to see each other so little, we have loads of memories to look back on.


My Long-Lost Cousin


(left to right) Maaikee, Rachel, Emily.

Maaikee and I had that Filipino click immediately 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 This is a photo of the first pageant we met at (Miss Los Angeles County). It was funny meeting her there because not only was she one of the few Filipinas there, she was also from Orange County! We told everyone that we were long lost cousins, and they believed us.


(left to right) Rachel and Maaikee.

It’s so amazing to watch my friends grow and be amazing in life! This is a forward to Maaikee’s win at Miss Garden Grove. That day, Missy (another fellow filipina) won Miss Garden Grove, and Maaikee won 1st runner up and princess! It was one proud mama to see the representation that day 💙💛❤ It was also just very exciting to see how far Maaikee has come since the first time we met at the Los Angeles pageant.


My Little from Across the World

This is Sam, we’ve never met in person because she lives in Europe and I live in America, but we instantly bonded over the fact that we were both online-auditioning for Pinoy Big Brother. In another life, we were accepted into PBB, I won the adult portion and she won teen 😉  But in this life, we ended up not getting into PBB, but we were blessed to start an awesome friendship from one side of the globe to the other. And yes, we had that Filipino connection from the beginning, because how much more Filipino can you get once you throw PBB in the mix?


My Silly, Prop-Loving, Cinnabon-Loving, Leslie Knope-ing Model

Missy and I barely have any pictures together because I’m either (1) doing a photoshoot of her and taking photos of her or (2) filming a vlog. But here’s one of my favorite behind-the-scenes photos of Missy. We bonded over the we’re both filipino and we both sing factor, and since then she couldn’t get rid of me. (lulz)


My Personality Twin

Meet Gina! We took these pictures at my last event as a Miss Garden Grove princess. Funny story, we knew about each other long before we were able to meet in person because my fellow-Miss Garden Grove friends kept telling me they met someone who has a very similar personality with mine. In my absence of focusing on school and work, Gina was there with the same amount of energy and positivity that I had while competing for Miss Garden Grove. When I met her, I was quite honored to be compared to her all that time because she’s every good thing people told me about and more. She is such a sweet heart 💕


My YouTube Bestie

If you’re an avid blog follower or YouTube subscriber, you would know that Jessica and I met in person in January. We virtually met a couple months prior to January, but when we first saw each other in person it felt like we’ve been friends for years. Forward to now, I’m super excited to be going to her wedding as her bridesmaid!


My Forever Instant Clicks


(left to right) Rachel and Ashley.

Our “filipino connection” happened when I was born 💕 This is my older cousin, Ashley. We have been attached by hip since birth and our filipino cousin culture is strong.



(left to right) Bridget and Rachel.

Last but not least, this is my baby sister. Because what’s a post about my close friends and best friends without my sister?! I have protected and will protect this little one (and her little one, my niece Jenelle) until my last breath. I’m that crazy filipino sister who will fight anyone who tries to mess with Bridget. No need for more explanation.



To all my queens out there, keep queen-ing on!
I’m rooting for you.


lots of virtual hugs,



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