Walking to the Brooklyn Borough

I thought Times Square was crazy busy, but after walking on the Brooklyn Bridge (for the first time) I realized that it is a whole other beast. There are two lanes specifically designated for pedestrians and bicyclists. If a pedestrian walks on the wrong lane, bicyclists will not hesitate to yell at them to GET OFF THE LANE! They also have no shame in running pedestrians over. I am proud to say I survived walking across the bridge without a scratch. After making our way into the heart of Brooklyn, the group and I went to Jane’s Carousel to establish a main meeting point. The students were able to walk around in smaller groups as long as they came back to the meeting point by a certain time. I enjoyed eating lots and lots of food and snacks. I also found this adorable bookstore with used and collectible books. I hope to go back soon. I could spend a whole day in Brooklyn and it still wouldn’t be enough to take it all in.

The view from my walk on the Brooklyn Bridge

If you look closely, Jane’s Carousel is right behind me.

The variety of architectural designs still amazes me.

Manhattan Bridge and Jane’s Carousel

“Like a bridge over troubled waters…” (Song)

What a view…





Stopping for some pizza!


Found the most adorable little bookstore












Ice Cream from Shake Shack




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  • Angela
    2015-07-18 at 05:43

    Hi Rachel, they’re great photos 🙂
    Not sure how I stumbled onto your page but seeing your appreciation of the Brooklyn Bridge, the local architecture and the art of photography and history tells me you’d love a film called “Kate & Leopold” (2001) starring Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman. It’s one of my favourite films and I think you’d appreciate it too.
    Keep following your dreams!
    Angela 🙂

    • Rachel Bulosan
      2015-07-19 at 01:20

      Hello Angela, I am so glad you found your way to my blog. Thank you so much for the suggestion 🙂 I adore “Kate & Leopold” (2001)!! Because you mentioned it, I want to watch it again. You have great taste in films. If you ever come across another film you would like to suggest, I would love to hear about it. love and light, Rachel ♡

      • Angela
        2015-07-19 at 06:48

        Hi Rachel, thank you for your lovely reply 🙂 We both obviously have great taste in movies! haha. I’m also a self-taught photographer and love it as much as I love words and writing to communicate, share and elicit a response. Reading your ‘About’ page, we actually have a lot in common – all your interests are the same as mine, except our ages! lol

        Well, to be honest, my absolute favourite movie is one that most young people would instinctively reject, saying, “you’re kidding… it’s about old people!” But, perhaps because I’m now 45 and grateful to have been blessed with a satisfying career in journalism & PR, balanced with raising two children (19 and 16 year old sons) with a loving and supportive husband, I really ‘feel’ for the main character, played by Meryl Streep who certainly didn’t have such opportunities. Did you guess it? “The Bridges of Madison County” (1995) starring Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood. It has it all… the heartache, the love story, historic context, the joy of photography… oh and another bridge that is a ‘constant’ across time. (What is it about me and films featuring iconic bridges, love stories, photography, historical context and time?) I truly never realised ’til now that my two favourite films had so much in common! Have you seen it?

        By the way, what’s your favourite film? I’d be really interested.

        (I notice you love anime… I’ve never seen an anime film. No rush to reply but what is it that appeals to you about the genre and which film would you most highly recommend to a newbie like me?)

        Love & light to you too!
        Angela 🙂

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