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Last week, I learned about a project by Eventbrite called Hometown Hunt. Eventbrite is a technology platform that helps people discover events and also is a great event management tool. You can learn more about Eventbrite and the free tools they provide to create, promote and sell tickets here. Because of the website and the awesome list of local events to attend, I was inspired to write about my favorite local spot: Bottle Logic 🙂

Welcome to the art of craft beer where the people are always welcome to give and take recommendations, food is just around the corner, and every sip has a story behind it. My boyfriend Mark and I have been craft beer advocates for a little over a year now and our favorite spot is still the one and only local Bottle Logic. Located in the industrial heart of Anaheim, the tasting room (yes, a “tasting room” not a “bar”) is open to regulars and newcomers looking for a community and a good time.


Perfect Place for Visitors

We recently brought friends to Bottle Logic and started off with a class: The Flight. The Flight is the appetizer of beers where you can taste from a variety of flavors before ordering the full cup of beer. After the quality craft beer, the second best thing about Bottle Logic is the food trucks. Every single day a different food truck collaborates with Bottle Logic to complement the food with available beers in the tasting room. I ordered the seared ahi tuna burger and garlic parmesan fries. It went will with the Recursion 3.1 because citrus flavors and fish go really well together. The list of craft beer changes often.


365 Events

Bottle Logic already provides daily events by having a daily line up of the best food trucks in Southern California. In addition to the food trucks, Bottle Logic hosts Monday trivia nights. The idea is to “think, drink, and win!” Fellow beer advocates compete at sunset for Bottle Logic gift cards (because who would not want to come back!?). Events added frequently. Click here to plan your next visit on a special day!

There’s No Place Like Home

Bottle Logic is literally down the street from California State University Fullerton and surrounding small town communities (my abode included). This place will always hold a special place in our hearts because it was the first brewing company we experienced when we finally reached our legal drinking age. No matter how far we travel (to Seattle, New York, Germany…) we will always come back to Bottle Logic because there’s no place like home.


Don’t forget a souvenir for the road! My favorite beaker/chemistry themed cup.

So, when are you going to Bottle Logic?

basic details

Location » Bottle Logic
Address » 1072 N. Armando St. Anaheim, CA 98206
Contact » (714) 660-2537;
Parking » Street Parking – Free (but watch for any no parking signs!)
Hours » Mon to Thurs 4pm – 10pm; Fri and Sat 12pm – 12am; Sun 12pm – 8pm

» Disclaimer: All opinions and views mentioned in this post are my own (Rachel Bulosan) and they are for information, enjoyment and reviewing purposes only.

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