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My Half-Year Resolutions 2018

Thursday 14 June 2018


On New Year’s Eve, as a die-hard tradition, I would write out my New Years Resolutions. Pen and paper (or phone and thumbs) in hand ready to take on the new year with my self-actualized list. My lists are filled with long shot aspirations, attainable goals, and TBD self-improvement habits I would hope to check off the list in the new year. However, 2018 NYE was different. I made one and only one resolution: to write more.

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My Half-Year Anniversary in Corporate

Friday 02 February 2018

I started this blog simply talking about my day, but it turned into a whole gratitude post about where I am in my life and the fact that it’s my seven month anniversary at the company I work with. In my eyes, seven months is something to celebrate — considering I’ve worked with some tough professional situations over the last few years. For seven months, I’ve osmosis’ed into this global engineering company and made a home for myself… so, yes, I’m damn proud.

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A Year Since Graduation

Friday 20 May 2016

When I took this photo, I could not fathom how many amazing things I would experience in my first year as a post-grad 😁 I went to New York for the summer. My appreciation grew for the golden state when I did a cross-state roadtrip. I got my first office job. I traveled to Hawai’i to be with my family during hard times. I celebrated my 23rd in Hollywood. I took my first cruise with my one of my bestfriends to Belize and Mexico. I transitioned from my office job to full-time freelance writing and editing. I am now able to do what I’ve always wanted to do and focus on my blog. Cheers to the first year of post-grad, and cheers to many more things I’ll be able to add to the list 🎓 #SchoolinLIFE #grauate #undergrad #CSULB #49er #blogger #youtuber #filipina #writer #freelance #postgrad #live #thrive #inspire

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Research Methods in Rhetoric and Composition

Tuesday 05 May 2015

When I registered for this class last year, I was already overwhelmed by the fact that it’s a graduate level class and by the course title (“Research Methods in Rhetoric and Composition”)… I was blessed to have gone through it all with these two by my side. This is a picture of us in our element: papers everywhere, laptops constantly open for research, and snacks (can’t forget the snacks). We survived 🙏🏽😭