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The (almost) Last Episode of Gilmore Girls

Wednesday 31 January 2018

There’s something about a great story ending just as a chapter is coming to a close and the characters are beginning a new chapter. I just finished Season 7 Episode 22 of Gilmore Girls — the very last episode, at least “the last” before the revival released in 2016. I’m all sorts of mush inside. I cried, I laughed aloud, I felt all sorts of nostalgia for my college years leading up to the awaiting graduation.

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Gurren Lagann Withdrawals

Friday 21 March 2014

WAAAAAAH! I just finished the twenty-seventh/last episode of Gurren Lagann and I am so sad it’s all over! I can’t believe a lot of my favorite characters died, but at least they died with honor. I’m glad Simon survived through the whole series. Yoko is still my favorite spunky sharpshooter. And I’m so glad the writers did a time lapse seven years later to see how a lot of the character grew up (i.e. Darry and Gimmy). Finishing a series and knowing there are no more episodes or seasons anymore always leaves a bittersweet feeling in me. I’m happy the evil alien beings were killed and I love the series overall.

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