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Double Date Adventures

Monday 20 July 2015

It is always a good time with mine and Mark’s favorite couple, Christine and Geoffrey. Many known them as #Geoffthaang ♡ This weekend we were able to meet up more than usual. This is rare because we have a lot of distance and time working against us. However, we make it work. Our adventures are random and unplanned and we like to go with the flow. The photos below are of us trying the famous ham and cheese croissants at Seaside Bakery. We stayed up until four in the morning walking on the beach and Newport Beach pier. Then, when we headed home time passed and we watched the sunrise. Next thing we knew, we were walking next to the Santa Ana Riverbed and relay racing in a playground. We parted ways at around 9:00 to 10:00 in the morning. Even though we were exhausted for the rest of the day, I wouldn’t have spent the time with Mark, Geoff, and Christine in any other way.

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Adventures at the Anaheim Packing District

Friday 18 July 2014

The Anaheim Packing District is the new fad in Orange County. I have been there twice and I’ve gone back just for the food and the scenery. Today my boyfriend and I went ‘venturing together at the Packing District. He showed me the hidden bar on the lower floor — I was amazed. We ate some delicious homemade ice cream. Mark also ordered a cup of IPA. There are so many things to look at there and so many choices for food, drinks, snacks, etc. I also love that everything is organic, locally grown and community-centered.

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