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👑 Rachel competed in pageants from 2012 to 2016 at the local-level with the Miss America Organization. She competed and won scholarships from multiple pageants, and met some of her closest friends (and best friend, Shannon!) in the process. She attributes her interview skills, ability to do makeup and hair anywhere, and personal branding to her involvement. Although she is “aged out” and considered a pageant grandma now, she continues to volunteer with pageants and carry on the four points of the MAO crown: style, scholarship, success, and service. ✨

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The Instant *Click* Between Filipinos

Wednesday 04 October 2017


What is it about Filipinos and immediately having a connection just because they are Filipino? I like to call it an “instant click.” You know… the one where you go to an event with new people everywhere, but you spot that one other Filipino there. Then, you hover towards them and just start talking… and click. You’re practically family.

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Shannon’s Crowning Night

Saturday 11 February 2017

VLOG Episode 54 ● She did it! My best friend won Miss Yorba Linda 2017 and I was soooooo emotional 😭  My heart is full for both Shannon and Cheyenne’s win and I cannot wait to see them compete at Miss California this summer!! As a matter of fact, I can’t wait to see all the whole Miss California Class of 2017 this summer. It looks like Mark and I will be taking a roadtrip up to Fresno this June 😍

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Miss GG 2014

Saturday 04 October 2014

Photoblog: Miss Garden Grove 2014 Scholarship Pageant

I ❤ my sponsors #GardenGrove #ElksLodge!

Evening Gown REVEAL!

THIS IS REAL. I’m so happy to be on your court my love! I can’t wait for the many memories we’ll make together and with the girls in our year of service.

My best friend and mommy 💕 Fun Fact: She chose my talent song because it was the first song I ever sang on stage in 3rd grade.