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My National Television Debut (sort of)

Thursday 02 July 2015

I made my first national television debut… sort of, kind of. I say “sort of” because I was technically in the crowd outside of NBC New’s studio when Boy George sang with Culture Club on the TODAY Show. I know I wasn’t necessarily interviewed on national television and I was probably on television for a millisecond, but I had so much fun. I was singing and dancing in the crowd of super tall people while our students did their best to push their way to the front and reach for TODAY Show swag.

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After-Rain Weather

Monday 29 June 2015

I am so glad the skies cleared up after all that rain. I felt like my fingers were icicles attached to my body and they were about to fall off. Even worse, when we went from the streets to the underground subways, I felt like a wet towel thrown in the corner: damp, musty, and hot. The New York subway system, or the “metro” as they call it, has no air ventilation. The only cool air comes when the express trains zoom through the stations and even then the air smells unpleasant.


Anyway, I did not want the rain to (figuratively) rain on my parade, so I went out exploring with a colleague of mine. The political science geek in me was super excited to walk through the Civic Center. This area consists of the New York City hall, the courthouses in Foley Square, and many suit-and-tie business men and women. Rain or shine, I love that they are looking spiffy and read to go (even in the rain). Aside from the political aura of the place, the thing I love the most about the Civic Center is the architectural designs of the buildings. The columns… the intricately-designed statues… the fact that every single thing on the building symbolizes something interesting and cool… just everything about the buildings are beautiful.


My best friend, Jesse, teased me about how I walk too slow. He joked and said, “Walk faster or else people will know you’re a tourist!” Well… whatever. I really could just stand around and appreciate places, people, and things. I don’t walk slow. I just like to take everything in. I found myself staring at something for a long period of time while so many people are running around and walking quickly to get from Point A to Point B.


Why won’t these people slow down? They need to stop for a second and laugh at how many rats are coming out of the ground (then become a bit scared because one rat is coming and closer and closer to the platform – this happened to me). They need to stop and appreciate the amount of parks they have available to them. Los Angeles barely has any parks in downtown with all the buildings and even when there is a park, the amount of trees are minute.


I guess I am not just talking about New Yorkers anymore… I am talking about people around the world. Everyone needs to take the time to see the beauty of their environment. Appreciate life. Take it in and think about it and avoid just going from Point A to Point B. You are not a subway or a robot. You are human and you owe it to yourself to enjoy the little things in life from the way buildings are built to the way the sky looks after a rainy night.


I have no idea how this turned into a conversation about life and our human nature of being internally and externally, but I like it. I welcome you to see the world through my eyes on a rainy day in New York…