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New York Souvenir Haul

Monday 24 August 2015

I thought it would be fun to share what I bought in New York! Everything you see in the video are souvenirs for my family. My sister collects “I ❤ [insert state here]” shirts. So, the bigger shirt is for her and the smaller one is for her daughter/my niece, Jenelle. The little taxi cab is for my brother. He enjoys his hot wheels, but I thought he should have an authentic-looking taxi that actually propels forward when you slide the car back. (Most toy cars nowadays do not have that feature.

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Reflecting on New York

Thursday 23 July 2015

During my time in New York, I had the honor of meeting MANY intelligent young activists. Two from my group noticed how the idea of “feminism” was taboo at their high schools and sexism is alive and well. They started this petition to require that classes add feminism to the curriculum. Please support by signing the petition — link in bio. I would hate for my future child (or anyone for that matter) to be limited just because of their gender. #FEMINISM #EQUALITY I will be doing a blog post of all the amazing organizations and movements created this past week! 💭


Walking to the Brooklyn Borough

Friday 10 July 2015

I thought Times Square was crazy busy, but after walking on the Brooklyn Bridge (for the first time) I realized that it is a whole other beast. There are two lanes specifically designated for pedestrians and bicyclists. If a pedestrian walks on the wrong lane, bicyclists will not hesitate to yell at them to GET OFF THE LANE! They also have no shame in running pedestrians over. I am proud to say I survived walking across the bridge without a scratch. After making our way into the heart of Brooklyn, the group and I went to Jane’s Carousel to establish a main meeting point. The students were able to walk around in smaller groups as long as they came back to the meeting point by a certain time. I enjoyed eating lots and lots of food and snacks. I also found this adorable bookstore with used and collectible books. I hope to go back soon. I could spend a whole day in Brooklyn and it still wouldn’t be enough to take it all in.

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