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The Core Five: Grandchildren of Fighters

Thursday 01 February 2018


We are the Core Five, the first five grandchildren of Angelina and Diosdado Bulosan. From oldest to youngest, it’s me, my sister Bridget, Hannah, Luke, and Celine. We are grandchildren of dreamers who flew across the Pacific Ocean to live in America. We are grandchildren of small business owners, self-starters, tailors, and hard workers. We are grandchildren lucky enough to have a grandma who (quite literally) fights and has a black belt, and have a grandpa who is currently fighting for his life as we speak.

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Ala Moana Beach Park

Friday 11 December 2015

Most of my childhood was spent at Ala Moana Beach. So, it was endearing to be back again after so many years. Watching Sophia and Jenelle run around the beach and the park was surreal because it reminded me of how Ashley and I were that young and running around. Oh memories.