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Bridget Bulosanpron. Rachel’s sister, confidante, and personal engineering dictionary; she likes concerts, food, and yoga and LOVES her daughter Jenelle; if you are lucky enough, you just might get a laugh out of her or a one-minute story that leaves you confused


The Core Five: Grandchildren of Fighters

Thursday 01 February 2018


We are the Core Five, the first five grandchildren of Angelina and Diosdado Bulosan. From oldest to youngest, it’s me, my sister Bridget, Hannah, Luke, and Celine. We are grandchildren of dreamers who flew across the Pacific Ocean to live in America. We are grandchildren of small business owners, self-starters, tailors, and hard workers. We are grandchildren lucky enough to have a grandma who (quite literally) fights and has a black belt, and have a grandpa who is currently fighting for his life as we speak.

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FILAM FANGIRL Personal Women with Power

The Instant *Click* Between Filipinos

Wednesday 04 October 2017


What is it about Filipinos and immediately having a connection just because they are Filipino? I like to call it an “instant click.” You know… the one where you go to an event with new people everywhere, but you spot that one other Filipino there. Then, you hover towards them and just start talking… and click. You’re practically family.

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Camping at Colorado’s Hidden Gem

Saturday 25 June 2016

Next time I try to camp 10,000 feet above sea level, I have to prepare my lungs for it. I’ve never been so grateful for oxygen and the ability to breathe in my life until I went to Colorado. My family and I found a hidden gem called Molas Lake Campground and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a little, peaceful campground to stay at. This campground is privately owned and managed by a family. I need to come back here with Mark someday, but in the meantime, my fond memories of this place will suffice.

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