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Ashley May Pascual ∙ pron. Rachel’s closest cousin; watch out when you see Rachel and Ashley together as they enjoy going on random adventures. Ashley is the mother of Rachel’s spunky goddaughter, Sophia, and the little man, Derrick. When she isn’t being the supermom that she is, she is figuring out new ways to play with makeup (she’s always had a talent and eye for it).

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The Instant *Click* Between Filipinos

Wednesday 04 October 2017


What is it about Filipinos and immediately having a connection just because they are Filipino? I like to call it an “instant click.” You know… the one where you go to an event with new people everywhere, but you spot that one other Filipino there. Then, you hover towards them and just start talking… and click. You’re practically family.

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Celebration of Life, Love, & Family

Thursday 10 December 2015

Dear Uncle Eric,

Thank you for being my second dad and welcoming me over every summer in Vegas to spend time with Ashley, AJ, and Adrianna. They are more than my cousins, they are my siblings. This entire trip is for you. It’s a celebration of life and love, but most of all… family. We all know how much you cherished family and I promise to do the same for the rest of my life. Thank you for keeping me and Ash out of trouble (especially during our rebellious teen years). Thank you for the laughs, the long list of island songs we played at barbecues, and the many caravan adventures to Utah, Grand Canyon, and San Francisco. We love you and miss you so so much uncle.

Say ‘hi’ to Uncle Val and Mama Ina for us 🌤 Rest In Paradise