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Adventures with My Travel Bestie, Shannon

Adventures with Shan and Rach ∙ est. 2014

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OUR TRAVELS (so far)
Pacific Coast Roadtrip 2015
Western Caribbean Cruise 2016
Belize 2016
Mexico 2016
Pacific Northwest 2017
Seattle 2017
Vancouver 2017

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Bon Voyage!

Sunday 05 February 2017

It’s crazy to think that this cruise happened a year ago. I know, I know… I am super late and long overdue with these travel blogs, but I think now would be the best time to share these with you since I just launched this lifestyle and travel-focused blog. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to share these photos and videos that are stored away in my external hard drive and let it collect (virtual) dust. Right? So, here’s a snippet of my journal entry while I was onboard the ship, some photos, and a vlog of my experience from the day I went on a cruise ship for my first time ever.

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I Grew a Mermaid Tail in the Western Caribbean

Saturday 04 February 2017

I love the way water bends what we see. In this case, the water creates an illusion that I grew a mermaid tail, and any existence of my stomach is close to none 😅 Every time I come back to these photos in the jacuzzi – when Shannon and I went swimming in less than 40℉ – I laugh out loud. We explored the cruise ship in awe like little kids in a ginormous playground. Our first activity: swimming.

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Things To Do in Houston, Texas

Wednesday 04 January 2017

How did I end up in Houston? My friend Shannon and I spent a good amount of time in Houston because our ship port for our cruise to Belize and Mexico was located here. We did as much as we could do with two full days in Houston. If I ever come back to Texas, I’ll have to visit more cities like Austin, El Paso, Dallas, and San Antonio. However, today’s post is about Houston! So, read on and find out a few key things to check out when you’re there. Continue Reading