I like to make chatty, IRL videos while I cook, eat, edit photos, film videos, and other things.

🌴 Hometown: SoCal + Hawai’i
✨ Age: 20-something
♑ Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
💍 Relationship Status: Married
📍 Current Location: San Diego, California
🇵🇭 Ethnicity: Full-Filipino
🇺🇸 Nationality: American


FILAM FANGIRL started as a YouTube series and evolved into another one of my many identities. It is about my journey to learning more about Filipino culture through American-raised eyes. I did not grow up with a super traditional Filipino family and I never learned any Filipino language/dialect, so I’m teaching myself. I am FILAM (Filipino-American), and I am a “Fangirl” — very much so that I was inspired to learn more about my filipino-side because I fangirled over a popular television series in the Philippines called “On the Wings of Love”.

FILAM FANGIRL 2.0 -- Learning about my Filipino culture through American-raised eyes

POPULAR VIDEO -- Reaching over 200,000 views, Rachel discusses the Filipina Standards of Beauty