Explore Cayman Islands: Seven Mile Beach


I think I found my favorite beach in the world.


It’s called Seven Mile Beach and it lines the coast of Grand Cayman of the Cayman Islands.


How I Visited Seven Mile Beach


I went from the cruise ship to the tender (small boat) to a pier in Georgetown to a stingray tour to the beach. The stingray tour provided a bus ride to the north part of Grand Cayman island and we rode a boat out to see stingrays!


After the stingray tour, the bus driver gave us the option to get dropped off at Seven Mile Beach and find a way back to Georgetown ourselves. The girls (Bridget, Ashley, Adrianna, and Denesee) and I decided to take the time-crunch risk and get dropped off. We had a limited amount of time to eat, dip in the water, and find a ride back to our tender.

Talk about an adventurous girls day…

I’m glad we took the risk because we made it back to our cruise ship just in time with stories to tell, jerk chicken in our bellies, and experience at the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. –Unknown



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Things to Know About Seven Mile Beach


  1. If someone offers you a beach chair to lay on, be ready to pay for it. The prices vary depending on the vendor. Sometimes they charge by the hour, and other times they charge by the day.
  2. The beach is actually seven miles long. I know, I know. It’s obviously in the name. I knew it was seven-miles, but knowing it and seeing it is completely different. The seven-miles of soft white sands and clear water was breathtaking.
  3. Seven Mile Beach is noted as “The Caribbean’s Best Beach” by Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine. I’m not surprised.



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My Photoblog of Seven Mile Beach









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Seven Mile Beach, I’ll be back someday!




lots of virtual hugs from Cayman Islands,
R A C H E L ∙ T O R R E L I N O

📍 Location: Seven Mile Beach (Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands)


basic details

Location » Cayman Islands
Season/Month » Summer / August 2018
Weather »  84°F / 29°C
Sunrise/Sunset » 6:05am / 6:54pm
How Much I Spent » approx. $20 USD for food and drinks (Cayman Islands has a stronger dollar than U.S. dollars.)
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