My Half-Year Resolutions 2018


On New Year’s Eve, as a die-hard tradition, I would write out my New Years Resolutions. Pen and paper (or phone and thumbs) in hand ready to take on the new year with my self-actualized list. My lists are filled with long shot aspirations, attainable goals, and TBD self-improvement habits I would hope to check off the list in the new year. However, 2018 NYE was different. I made one and only one resolution: to write more.

The One and Only Resolution

This is what I wrote earlier this year:

My only New Years Resolution for 2018 is to write more — write more of how I feel in the happiest of moments, and write about my experiences in the most devastating moments. I want to write about my mundane days and my weekend adventures with my husband, Mark. I want to write about what I’m currently going through that could more or less shape my character and future; or not… it could be a simple thought. I will write more (sporadically or organized) and nothing will stop me. The final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands. –Anne Frank

Since the day I wrote about my only resolution for 2018, I haven’t written (on this blog) as much as I intended. But to be fair—and make myself feel better—I have written an insurmountable amount of creative and technical content both in private and for work. It’s just nice to be back on my blog “speaking” with my own voice.

Why Make a List Now?

It didn’t cross my mind to make any list, but I resolved to create (at least) a “half-year resolutions” list because I already know how sad I’ll be if I don’t have a list to check off and review on December 31st this year. So, this post is for you future Rachel who-is-probably-most-likely-reading-this-in-her-comfy-NYE-pajamas…

My List of “Half-Year” Resolutions

1. Go on more dates with Mark.

Mark is super busy finishing up his last year of school, so I definitely want to fit in more romantic or spontaneous dates with him in the midst of our busy schedules.

UPDATE (08/24): We finally went out!

☑️  Watched Crazy Rich Asians and it was amaaaaazing.

☑️  Watched A Star is Born and I balled like a baby while Mark hugged me.

2. Learn to cook more Filipino dishes!

Filipino dishes include: Kare Kare (a Filipino curry-like dish) and Sisig ng Tilapia (a delicious fried Tilapia dish).

UPDATE (09/18): I am cookin’ and so far I’ve had raving reviews from my husband 😋

☑️ Adobo Chicken

☑️ Sinigang with Tofu

☑️ Chicken Tinola

3. Travel internationally.

Super excited for my family trip this summer! Guess where?

UPDATE (08/17): Check, check, and check. I got to visit three different countries in one trip because of the cruise I went to this summer!

☑️ Cayman Islands

☑️ Honduras

☑️ Mexico

4. Go to the beach in San Diego.

Can you believe I’ve lived in San Diego for six months and still haven’t visited the beach?! I know… shame on me. It’s been a struggle adjusting, but Mark and I will make it to the beach (that’s 10 minutes away)… eventually.

UPDATE (09/03): Mark and I finally went to a beach in San Diego while living here.

☑️ Ocean Beach — aka “OB” as the locals call it — was the perfect beach for us to take our puppy. Dogs are allowed on this beach and it was a great place for Shadow’s first time at a beach (ever!).

5. Get on a manageable posting schedule for YouTube. 

Major props to the YouTubers out there who prioritize YouTube and are able to post three times a week. Because I work a full-time job and still manage my own freelance business, my workaholic-self prioritizes rest time whenever I get the chance. That being said, my resolution is to find a groove and standard for myself and for my videos and my YouTube channel that I am 100% comfortable with.

6. Pay off one credit card and one loan. 

I paid off one credit card already, so I hope to check another one off the list soon! *fingers crossed* I’m hoping I can close out another student loan by the end of this year.

UPDATE (09/18): I’m half way there!

☑️ Loan. Done! As of October 2018, I officially paid off a $3,000 loan! I have two of three student loans left to pay (approximately $40,000 worth) and they’ll take longer to pay off than this first one, but it’s so nice to have one less debt to worry about. I paid this one off in large chunks of ~$310/ per month so that I could finish it by this fall. Yay!

☑️ Credit Card. Currently in progress ~


Time to celebrate in December because I deserve to celebrate my life.

8. Reach 100,000 subscribers. 

A tried and true Rachel-resolution-list is nothing without a sprinkle of something that is a long shot aspiration. I know I’ll reach 100k subscribers someday. The universe will will it so. When it will happen? Who knows? Either way, this is staying on my list until I get there.

To the person reading this (aka you), thanks for coming back and reading my blog. I appreciate your positive energy and love and comfort from afar. I hope this post serves and reminder to revisit your goals and aspirations from time to time. If you haven’t done anything on your resolutions likes from six months ago, start again. Starting fresh and new is a choice you make for yourself.


love and light, rachel torrelino

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