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If someone made me chose what I enjoy doing more between hair or makeup, I will always chose hair. I was that child in elementary school who loved to braid and make quirky hairstyles. I was that experimental teenager who was unafraid of cutting her hair super short because I understood that it would grow back. I was also that rebel daughter who colored, cut, and changed her hair so much that her mom and aunts would worry that all my hair would fall out because of how much was done to it. I’ve always have been into hair and I always will be into hair. So I’m super excited to announce what I’ve been doing for the last year.

Last October 2015, was the last time I went to a salon to get my hair colored. I also got a haircut in January, but these are the only two “most recent” hair events I’ve had. So since October and January, I’ve planned and prepped my hair to this day so that I could eventually reach silver and blue hair. With patience and time, my hair is finally ready for bleaching.

My Short Hair
January 2016 – Fresh out of the salon.

This is going to be a two or three week process since I’m doing this all at home on my own. I don’t want to damage my hair and I want to do it the right way. So, this week I’m starting the bleaching process, then next week I may have to bleach again.

After I bleach it, I will tone down all the orange and yellow colors I am sure I will see. Then, make my hair an ash blonde to a silver to a blue.

I am so excited and I can’t wait to take you all on this blue-haired journey. After doing so much research, I realized I could not find one tan asians girl with blue hair who could serve as an example of what I want. I may be the first tan asian / filipino with blue hair. So that’s pretty awesome. I’ve wanted this blue hair for so long. I knew I wanted it since the day I tested out blue chalk in my hair for a YouTube video. My interest sparked again last year when I was envious of my friend Heather’s bold move to make her hair purple. 👇🏽

Every day for seven days I am dedicating a post to support #daretobedifferent 💜 One of my pageant besties, Em Vu, created this movement about advocacy for individuality and acceptance and I am so proud of her for bringing this topic up to the forefront of discussion.

Storytime: When I temporarily dyed my hair blue last year, I was convinced by many people that I shouldn’t make it permanent because it “looks outrageous” and “unprofessional.” I absolutely loved the color and I felt like it captured my personality perfectly, but I let all the comments get to me and went back to a more “naturally-looking color.” Fast forward to this beauty in the photo with me — her name is Heather. We started as workmates, but quickly became such good friends. Now, let’s all take a moment to tell Heather how beautiful her purple hair is and how awesome she is for daring to be different 👏🏽 Regardless of the stereotype of how people should look in the office, she rocks her hair like no one’s business. #hair #haircolor #purple #day1 @itsheather

All in all, stick around to see how this goes. I’m actually currently (as in right this very moment) strand testing my hair. Please guide me hair gods. This is frightening, yet exhilarating — but I wouldn’t have it any other DIY way.


lotsa virtual hugs,

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