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If you’ve followed my blog or YouTube for the last ten or more years, I’m sure you know Jesse! If you don’t know who this guy is (in the photo above), meet him now… this is Jesse Truong! My “BGF” (aka “best guy friend”), the Stitch to my Lilo-self, and the nerd who made being a “nerd” cool. This guy right here is going to marry me and Mark, and I am so excited! wooot~ 🙌🏾

(Photo above was taken in 2016 on my 24th birthday!)


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Will You Be Our Officiant for Our Wedding?

He said, “yes!” But let’s start from the beginning of how I asked Jesse to do us the honor of being an officiant. I started by asking him when he would arrive in California because his original plan was to ARRIVE IN CALIFORNIA RIGHT BEFORE THE WEDDING CEREMONY STARTS. He had to plan accordingly because (a) he’s a groomsmen, (b) he is from New York, and (c) he would be driving from New York to California within a few days with his fur babies.

Luckily, he said he planned to be in the city at least three hours before.


Reason #1: Jesse has known us for over a decade.

With that in mind, I asked him how he feels about being an officiant for our wedding. Jesse as our officiant makes so much sense. He is great at speaking in front of people. He has known me and Mark for eleven years. Jesse grew up with us! And even though he left California after high school to live across the country, our friendship never changed.


Reason #2: Jesse LOVES Disney as much as we do.

If Jesse still lived in California, I’m sure he would be an annual passholder like me and Mark. He knows all the Disney songs, movies, and characters. His personality lives and breathes Disney. How perfect is it that a Disney-fan is marrying us at our Disney-themed wedding?!


Reason #3: Jesse is a great speaker.

He’s always been a leader in his community, high school clubs, and dance crew. Jesse wouldn’t have stage fright, and wouldn’t feel under pressure. Instead, he will emanate just as much excitement as we would feel. His years of public speaking and performance experience will make for a phenomenal wedding ceremony.


Reason #4: It’s Jesse, and he’s family.

Mark and I are so happy that Jesse will be officiating the wedding. We know and trust that he will be able to incorporate everything that is us as a couple. So, this last-but-not-least reason, is simply because it is Jesse, and a bonus is that he is our family.


RACHEYandMARK's Wedding Officiant

Jesse, thank you thank you thank you again for agreeing to marry us!


love and light,


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