Missing McDonald’s in Hawaii

I love when my mom cooks food that reminds me of my birthplace — Hawaii. This morning, I woke up to perfectly crisped Portuguese sausages, scrambled eggs, and rice with a pinch of nori (a mixture of seaweed and sesame seeds). I rarely ever go to McDonald’s, but when I’m in Hawaii… it’s a must.

Courtesy of Culinary Adventures and More - Rice Plate

This is what a breakfast plate looks like at McDonald’s in Hawaii | Photo from Culinary Adventures and More

Only in Hawaii will you find rice and noodle soups at MCDONALD’S. I love that Hawaii is so heavily influenced by Asian cultures because that is what the majority population is. On the island of Oahu, not only do you find rice plates and saimin (the better version of Top Ramen instant noodles) at McDonald’s, but you can also find musubis nonchalantly available at 7 Eleven!

Courtesy of Aloha Valley - Saimin

Find out what “saimin” is!| Photo from Aloha Valley

I recommend adding McDonald’s to your Hawaii list of things to do when you visit. It’s not glamorous and it is as easy as getting a cheeseburger at any other ol’ fast food restaurant, but as they say do as the Romans do — and going to McDonald’s is definitely something my family and I did when I grew up there.

Pilipino Stickers

My food reminds me of my iMessage stickers 😆🇵🇭

love reading food blogs and I love when people post photos of their food from around the world. So, I thought I’d write this post to share what I ate for breakfast. Food bloggers get at me, comment below and I’ll definitely go through your blog and drool over your virtual food (lol!).

My boyfriend Mark and I have this phrase when we talk about food and feel full after eating. If you watch our daily vlog channel, you’ve probably heard us say it multiple times. We say, “I’m feeling fluffy.” or “It’s fluff time!” So get your fluff on and keep sharing photos of your food because I’ll definitely be watching.


lots of virtual hugs 💙


What are some restaurants you have to go to when you visit specific places? Comment below and share some of your restaurant recommendations (with specific locations) below so I can add more to my restaurant bucketlist 😋

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