We made our first big purchase together!


RACHEYandMARK Milestone: Buying a Car

Mark and I had cars previous this MINI.

To take us down memory lane, Mark started with a white 2001 Toyota RAV4, and then got a new car his senior year. The new car is a 2009 Mitsubishi Ralliart, and we still use it to this day. We call the car “CHEETO” because it is blazin’ orange.

I started with a 1998 Mazda MPV — everyone called it the “Red Dragon” because it roared when I drove it up the hill to school. Then, my parents bought me a dark gray 2009 Honda Civic. This car got me through high school, college, and my commuter work hustle. In between, I also used my dad’s black 2001 Nissan Maxima. That broke down on me a couple times, but I can laugh about it now.

Forward to today (or shall I say last night), we drove off the MINI of San Diego lot with this beautiful green car.

I. am. so. grateful.

Moments like this are a testament to how much we’ve gone through to get to this point.



What’s in a name?

Why are we naming this car HELA LUCKY? HELA is a play on words for the slang word “hella” (translated as “very” – like very lucky). The name also represents the eldest sister of three in the Marvel Universe movie, Thor: Ragnarok. The colors of the car remind us of the character, so it only seemed right.

LUCKY. We chose this name because the car is green (like a four-leaf clover) and because we luckily got this car because of how hard we worked over the years. It’s also St. Patrick’s Day.

It is believed that part of the reason why St. Patrick used the plant in his teachings was because the plant was already so cherished. To this day, the clover continues to be an Irish symbol of pride, and it is believed that wearing or decorating with clovers for St. Patrick’s Day is a symbol of good fortune. (Source: Elite Daily)



Thank you for all the kind words as we announce our big news! We don’t share these accomplishments for any other reason but to remember how far we’ve come as a couple, as life partners, and now as husband and wife.




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