My Immediate Thoughts after Watching “Avengers: Infinity War”

Friday 27 April 2018

NO AVENGERS. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE THE ENDING I JUST WATCHED. Do not continue reading this blog if you haven’t seen the movie. Unless, you’re into spoilers, then read on.

First of all, Mark and I haven’t done this watch-on-premiere-night thing for years, but we did it tonight for the epic — the intense — the legendary… Avengers: Infinity War. Second of all, I’m pissed. I am still deciding whether or not I regret watching the movie now because it mentally messed me up. GAHHHHH ASDFGHJKL!!!

I take it back.

I don’t regret watching it.

However, I do regret having to sit in a theater and watch Tom Holland deliver the one scene that made me ball my eyes out.

Ugh, I’m so pissed.

I might be back to have more comments about this movie… if I recover from this Avengers-PTSD.

Overall, it was a masterpiece. The writers did an amazing job with weaving all the characters together.

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