I Refused to Update My iPhone

Tuesday 22 November 2016

I’m usually really good about updating and staying current with new software and technology, but there’s something iPhone updates that I don’t trust. The process is always the same for me: a new update comes out; I refuse to update my iPhone because people are complaining about it; I wait until Apple fixes all the bugs; I continue to wait it out and not update; and then, somehow my battery starts draining faster, my storage gets full faster, and I’m constantly getting those notifications that keep asking me to update.

I don’t have full proof that the update is directly correlated to my battery and storage, but I’m quite suspicious of the possible connection. Either way, I’ve reached my limit of waiting it out and I am now giving in and updating my iPhone. It always works out this way and I always know I’ll eventually update, but I guess my Capricorn stubbornness is pretty persistent.

Hope you enjoyed this random blog xx


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