I Grew a Mermaid Tail in the Western Caribbean

I love the way water bends what we see. In this case, the water creates an illusion that I grew a mermaid tail, and any existence of my stomach is close to none 😅 Every time I come back to these photos in the jacuzzi – when Shannon and I went swimming in less than 40℉ – I laugh out loud. We explored the cruise ship in awe like little kids in a ginormous playground. Our first activity: swimming.



It was our first full day “at sea” and we were enroute to Costa Maya, Mexico 🇲🇽

How did we take these photos in the jacuzzi? I had my handy dandy waterproof iPhone case. The case was so helpful throughout the trip because we were around water a lot – from swimming to snorkeling to hanging out at the beach. If you don’t have a GoPro, I highly recommend a waterproof phone case to capture your memories without worrying about getting your electronics wet 😉


You can’t tell by looking at the photos, but it was super windy and cold… and the jacuzzi took a while to heat up. AND when it turned off, we rock-paper-scissored to see who has to go turn the jacuzzi timer back on again. (lol, good times…)


Shannon, where’s your body?! (Please don’t hate me for posting this it always makes me smile. LOL, ily.)

Check back in tomorrow for another cruise blog of our experience when we first got on the ship 🚢 All aboard!


lots of virtual hugs 💙

📍 Location: Somewhere in the Western Caribbean
📆 Date: Monday, January 11, 2016

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