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Baja Mexico calls!

I am very excited to be going on an international trip again next month.

I’m going on a cruise to Baja Mexico with my friend Courtney. It will be a different experience because I’ve been to the eastern coast of Mexico last year, so tune back in at the end of November to read my blog about the trip.

On the topic of Mexico, I’m very aware of the recent devastating earthquakes that happened in Mexico City. I strayed away from social media for the last couple of months because of all that is happening in the world. Just because I haven’t posted Pray for Puerto RicoPray for TexasPray for Mexico, Pray for Houston, Pray for the World… does not mean I’m not thinking about it, or feeling all sorts of emotions because of it. I’m very aware.

Now, doing a complete 180, let’s go back to Mexico. You know the drill. It’s the first of the month, so let’s kickstart these monthly recaps again. If you’re new to these recaps, just know that I do this thing where I act like I’m in a country, but really hide life updates in it.

I started these monthly recaps in April with the intention documenting what my life looks life in monthly segments. A lot happens in a month, so I’d like to be able to go back to my blog posts and reminisce in the future. I also love making these monthly recaps as a way of updating my virtual audience about what I’ve bene up to when I seem silent online.

Jumping topics again, last time I was in Mexico, I visited Costa Maya and Cozumel. I’ll be in Baja Mexico this time around because this one day in the office with my friend and co-worker, Courtney, we had lunch and talked about traveling. Courtney has never been on a cruise before so I suggested we go on one. Next thing I knew, I was booking a trip for a cruise ship that would leave from the Port of Long Beach to a southern destination.

If you see me less, I’m doing more.

I always go back to this saying I read on a fellow Instagrammer’s bio: If you see me less, I’m doing more. But I added to it with a personal touch, If I’m blogging more, I’m stressing less-ish. With that, I have been able to manage my time and workload a lot more, therefore I have been “less-ish” stressed.

Are you ready for a monthly recap?

A lot has happened since my last post.

Roll up your sleeves because we’re starting from June…

June 2017 Recap

✱ Referring to my last monthly recap, I accomplished my monthly goal of patience.

✱ I went to a bunch of send off parties as my friends prepared to go to the Miss California Competition.

✱ I quit my job at the print media company.

✱ My high school friend, Darene, had a graduation party and it was definitely a mini-reunion with people I haven’t seen since graduation.

✱ Most of my time in July was consumed with freelance video editing. I was in the editing cave, unfortunately, not for myself. Because I was transitioning jobs, I was pay for bills by taking on more clients and they just all happened to be video projects.

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July 2017 Recap

✱ I started a new job at an amazing company.

July 7, 2017, a very special day: I started driving again! I haven’t driven for over a year since I had to let go of my car. (That’s another story for later.) My parents helped me out a lot by letting me borrow my dad’s older car.

✱ At the new company, I began working between Orange County and Los Angeles. I took workaholic to another level, and I loved it. I get a kick out of being busy and productive.

Are you still going to grad school and working at the university? No, I turned down the job offer and my spot at the university program with a heavy heart, but I knew it had to be done. I made the sacrifice to put off going back to school so that I can could commit to the new company and take care of my student loan debt.

My boyfriend Mark and I got Disney Annual Passes! Check out our disney adventures on @racheyandmark.

✱ My entire family from Texas, UK, Hawaii, Seattle, and North California flew in town to celebrate my paternal grandparents’ 75th Wedding Anniversary. It was a grandeur event and it doubled up as a family reunion. It was a crazy filipino family event having everyone here.

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August 2017 Recap

✱ With all the events of my family coming to town, Mark and I kicked it into full gear when he started preparing for school. Within two weeks, Mark found an apartment to live in, went to orientation, and successfully moved in. Mark’s move has been the beginning of our nonstop commute from Orange County to San Diego.

✱ I busted a mission to Las Vegas to make it to my goddaughter Sophia’s Birthday! I can’t believe she’s three!

✱ One of my weekends, I was able to have me time and just lounge around and watch tv all day. I watched the whole season of “Atypical” in one sitting and it was great. Needless to say, there were only a few episodes, so I may sound a bit overdramatic.

✱ August also consisted of finishing up the last of my summer contract as an event photographer with the City of Garden Grove.

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September 2017 Recap

✱ I don’t know how it happened, but September has become a full birthday month. I have this theory that it has happened unintentionally over they years because I naturally get along with virgos. There was this one weekend when I drove from one event to another in Chino Hills to another in Anaheim in one day.

✱ My friends Shine and James got a new place and I visited. They also had a housewarming, and it was fun! They’re apartment is apartment goals.

✱ Mark and I have been having separation anxiety so we continued the back and forth between my place and his. I tried going to his area more because I knew he needed to normalize and get used to the rigorous program.

✱ All I can remember about September is work, work, and more work. One night I worked until 12:30am because of a deadline. It’s been all work, and lots of commuting between OC and LA.

The last four months have been a complete and utter blur, but I’m so glad I am finally normalized. I’m current at Mark’s place while he studies. Grey’s Anatomy is playing, and I’m blogging. I’m able to pay for my bills and student loans. I’m working hard and learning a lot. Life’s good and I’m very grateful for where I am right now. I only hope that more people in the world can find peace like the peace I’m currently embracing right now.

lots of virtual hugs,

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