Growing Old Together


Dear Ashley,

I just took three hours looking through pictures of us and my, my, my… we are old AF now! Like whoa… remember the times we were like, “When we grow up and we’re old (like in our 20s)…” LOL the joke’s on us, we’re in our twenties and we’re still act like children!

I could talk about all the embarrassing things we got ourselves into growing up, but instead, I’ll talk about how embarrassing I know we’ll be in the future. We are going to have some great stories for the next generation, my hair will probably still be blue with a hint of “silver”, Sophia and Derrick will be getting mad at us for laughing (no cackling) too loud, and we will FINALLY have gone to @BeautyCon together and on that cruise we keep postponing 👌🏽 You already know how much I love you and would drop everything to be there for you. But it never hurts to tell the world how much I love you too. Thank you for being that constant light in my life. Thank you for being just as crazy with me. Thank you for the endless amount of support, belly-aching laughs, and tsismis talks. Thank you for being that big sister I always needed when I felt like being a big sister myself was hard. I hope your post-preggy hormones don’t make you cry after reading this, but if it does, I’ll just cry with you. I love you acne (Yes, I call her acne)! Have a wonderful birthday because you deserve it. You deserve the world and more 💖

Your Favorite Cousin

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