The Best Views of the Golden Gate Bridge from Five Different Locations

Wednesday 11 January 2017

Top of Fort Point San Francisco with Shannon | RACHEYwrites

The Golden Gate Bridge is the most iconic, must-see landmark to see when visiting San Francisco. There are many ways to see this bridge and I’ve been to San Francisco enough to share my list of top five places to go to take in the breath-taking view of the Golden Gate Bridge:

1. “The Swing” at Kirby Cove

2. Fort Point in San Francisco

You have to climb to the rooftop of Fort Point for this view!
📍 Location: Fort Point

3. Battery Spencer in Marin County

4. Marin Headlands in Sausalito

Marin Headlands San Francisco
A view of the Golden Gate Bridge isn’t shown here, but I want to share this photo of my mini-climb as I watched a close-to-aerial view of the bridge.
📍 Location: Marin Headlands



It was very foggy on the day that I visited Marin Headlands with my family, so I’m going to have share this breathtaking photo by Zach Jiroun. It’s the closes image I found that resembled what I experienced.

📍 Location: View of Golden Gate Bridge from Marin Headlands


5. Crissy Field next to the Palace of Fine Arts


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