Getting Back into Vlogging

Finally getting back on it with the RACHEYandMARK vlog channel! Vlogging is my creative outlet with no restrictions. It’s the channel where I don’t have to worry about being on topic. I don’t have to worry about recording clips on my phone, and switching between a bunch of other different calendars. Vlogging is my favorite style in the YouTube-sphere.

Vlogging is awkward at first. Not many people can walk around holding a camera facing them and talking to the camera as if it’s a person. However, after vlogging since 2006, I realized that in the end, making these vlogs is for my own person memory archive.

Mark, Geoff, and Christine and I (our group is also known as #GTMR) have a whole playlist of vlogs. They are comfortable with being in front of the camera by now, and we all agreed that vlogging our trips to Las Vegas and our late night eats is the best. We can always go back to those exact moments where we felt happy and with people we love and people who love us back.

So, Mark and I are back on this channel vlogging our daily life. Our first video back was technically VLOG #46 when Christine and I learned how to do the #FettyWapChallenge and GTMR did a late-night $5 Gift Exchange.

It was our first time meeting Jessica MacCleary and Sir Wade!

Check out a behind-the-scenes of our first meeting in Los Angeles!

I know the quality wasn’t as crisp as our other vlogs because I was recording through my iPhone sometimes, but Mark and I are currently on the hunt for a G7x charger so we can get back on the HD-and-1080p grind.

If you want to stay in the loop with our life as a couple, check out our vlog channel and subscribe to RACHEYandMARK!

lots of virtual hugs 💙

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