Get Fluffy in Singapore

In honor and recognition of Crazy Rich Asians, let’s go to Singapore!

*Correction: Let’s go to Singapore virtually! 😊

“Crazy Rich Asians” Made Me Do It

As much as I’d love to eat laksa and chicken satay at a food stall in Singapore, I’m sorry to say that I’m simply at home, in my pajamas, thinking about eating in Singapore as I begin the second book of the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy — China Rich Girlfriend.

Bringing Back Monthly Recaps

I know it’s been a year since my last monthly recap, but I was going through old blogs for writing inspiration and forgot how much I loved these kind of posts.

Because of these recaps, we have (virtually) explored Greece, London, and México.

These recaps keep my travel bug at bay when I can’t travel, and they bring me back to what I felt at the time that I was writing them, what I was doing, what was going on, trials and obstacles I faced, etc. You know… the works.

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Starting at September

Let’s get right into our SEPTEMBER 2018 RECAP.

I’m starting at September because I figured I’ll do an end-of-year recap to make-up for the last year of monthlies that I’ve missed.

September 2018 Recap

✱ Mark, my in-laws, and I went to this fancy, shmancy top sushi restaurant in the United States called Sushi Ota for Mark’s birthday! I decorated Mark’s computer area and surprised him.

✱ I celebrated my half-year at the San Diego company I now work for.

✱ Celebrated Shadow’s five month birthday — Shadow is our fur baby/puppy 😍

✱ September 22, 2018: My (future) brother-in-law Lordan proposed to my sister Bridget! 💍

Watch the Britney Truong’s vlog below:

✱ Reached 9,000 subscribers, and now so close to 10k on YouTube 🎥

✱ Side hustled on the weekend at a luau 🌺

✱ Went back to school to begin Fall 2018 quarter at UCSD (lol, #foreverstudent and proud)

✱ Got a lotus flower tattoo with my cousins (full story about this coming soon…)

✱ Went to my Uncle Arnel’s funeral 😔 He was always the life of the party, and he will be missed. But we’re happier he is finally free from the pain of dealing with cancer.

✱ Started cutting back on all the things I have on my plate. I know myself well enough to know when I need to rest, slow down, and take a break.

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Monthly Goal for October 2018

Rest. You know the saying, “Learn to rest, not quit.”

Well, I haven’t perfected this yet, but it is something I truly believe in and work on.

Learn to rest, not quit.

Rest is vital to living a sustainable lifestyle without crashing and burning.

So, knowing me — especially with the recent death in my family, and several scares for other family members — I’m re-learning and practicing how to rest and recharge.

I wish I went to Singapore earlier

Jumping topics, as we normally do in these kind of posts, flight prices have skyrocketed since the CRA movie premiered. I wanted to go to Singapore before the book and movie was released, but travel only on this side of the globe so far.

Singapore was mentioned in Be My Lady — a Filipino teleserye on The Filipino Channel.

Singapore is also the hometown of one of my childhood friends who used to live in California, but moved there to finish high school.

I should have reached out to her back then and visited *le sigh.

It’s okay though, because my husby Mark wants to explore this country just as much as I do, and someday we’ll go together.


lots of virtual hugs,

⭐️ Bonus Photo of the Gray Concrete Wall inside the Glass Dome

Thanks for making it this far in this blog!

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  • Rachel Torrelino
    2018-10-01 at 09:57

    What was memorable about your September 2018? Any monthly recaps? Highlights? Ups/downs/lefts/rights? 🌞


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