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Perks of Being an Event Photographer

Do what you love, and do it often. 

I love photography. I’m not the best at it, but I’m always learning and improving. In the beginning, when I started doing photography in 2010, I never realized how many niches/specializations there are in the field. The niches range from portrait photography to wedding photography, to sports photography and social media photography, to fashion and lifestyle photography, and to magazine editorial photography. The list is endless. After seven years of being in the game, and dabbling in all of the above, I realized that event photography is one of my favorites. So, let’s talk about the perks and what it’s like to be an event photographer!


The Perks of Event Photography

  1. Behind-the-Scenes access! I love being behind-the-scenes of large events. As a photographer, I get to meet the people who put their blood, sweat, and tears into putting on a successful event. Event photography provides a wider range of networking and simply meeting awesome people who are excited about what they do.
  2. Everything is fast-paced. To prepare for conferences and large events, I always ask for an agenda and a map from my clients. I also ask what are the major aspects of the event that they want me to capture. Then, based on my gathered information, I make a flexible plan of how I’ll navigate around the event to take photos. The time goes by very quickly — so fast that four hours feels like one. I think the fast-paced aspect of event photography is challenging, but it is also a perk because in one event I would see, meet, and experience a multitude of things at once. I also like being on my feet and active 24/7.
  3. Speaking of active, event photography is great exercise. Actually, it’s better exercise than going to the gym and running combined. I’ve done event photography for conferences before, and ever single time… I would regret wearing my black boots with heels. I’m still in search of finding professional-looking, super comfortable black shoes to wear when I do more formal/fancy jobs. However, this weekend was heavenly. I was able to wear yoga pants, the event t-shirt, and black and white running shoes.
  4. You’re able to do cool things, and most of the time it’s free because you are the photographer. This is my favorite perk. Because of event photography, I’ve gotten the perks of free food, free games, and free things. I’m still working and taking photos, but most of my clients welcome me to participate in the event and make sure I enjoy myself too. (Side Note: I had so much fun riding in a golf cart at yesterdays event.)

Event photography is one of my favorite types of photography because everyone is merry and in good spirits, and I get to capture the candid happy moments.

My Most Recent Job: Garden Grove Open Streets 2017

Yesterday was a long day. I didn’t realize how much I was on my feet until I woke up with an aching body this morning. Like I said before, I had a golf cart escort throughout the day, but even with the helpful mode of transportation, I still did a lot of walking.

It was my first time at Garden Grove Open Streets and I was surprised by all the free activities they had available to the community. I wish I had more time to eat at the food trucks and take a photo with the ginormous high-top shoe, but it’s okay. I still enjoyed myself and loved being surrounded by the positive people who coordinated the event.

I’ll take you through my day in photos now, so enjoy the rest below!

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Learn more about Garden Grove Open Streets 2017 here!

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