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Dinner at Old Town San Diego

The last time I was in Old Town San Diego I was only nine years old. I did not appreciate art and history back then as much as I do now, so I am glad I went back. My family and I met up with more family members at Rockin’ Baja Lobster Coastal Cantina for dinner. Rockin’ Baja is known for their “World Famous Baja Bucket” so we ordered it. There is so much food in the Baja Bucket! It says it is for two people, but we share one bucket amongst four people.

Calamari Appetizer

Rockin Baja Coastal Cantina — I definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who visits.

I would go back to this restaurant for the bucket of food and for the unlimited chips and assorted salsa dips. After dinner, we digested and walked around the Old Town San Diego State Historic Park. When we came across Casa de Aguirre, Mark said, Look! It’s my ancestors’ house. (If you don’t know, my boyfriend’s name is Mark Aguirre.)

Old Town San Diego

We read about how the Aguirre family built one of the first homes in California and throughout the years they expanded and became the reason for starting up “New San Diego.” After la casa de Aguirre, we walked around the cute little town. I told Mark how amazing it was to have everything available in one town on one block.

Exploring this cute little historic town.

I cannot wrap my mind around the thought of not having to travel outside of town because the basic necessities for everything is already conveniently there. In the midst of my deep conversation with Mark about what it was like back in the day, we found a root beer float shop that led to a “backyard” area where there was a fiesta going on. A free concert was playing. We danced. I sang. Mark got a churro. It was a great time. I encourage you all to go to old towns. Everything in it (the people, the architecture, the buildings, the ground you walk on) is rich with history.

Walking around Old Town San Diego until sunset!

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