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The (almost) Last Episode of Gilmore Girls

Wednesday 31 January 2018

There’s something about a great story ending just as a chapter is coming to a close and the characters are beginning a new chapter. I just finished Season 7 Episode 22 of Gilmore Girls — the very last episode, at least “the last” before the revival released in 2016. I’m all sorts of mush inside. I cried, I laughed aloud, I felt all sorts of nostalgia for my college years leading up to the awaiting graduation.

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My National Television Debut (sort of)

Thursday 02 July 2015

I made my first national television debut… sort of, kind of. I say “sort of” because I was technically in the crowd outside of NBC New’s studio when Boy George sang with Culture Club on the TODAY Show. I know I wasn’t necessarily interviewed on national television and I was probably on television for a millisecond, but I had so much fun. I was singing and dancing in the crowd of super tall people while our students did their best to push their way to the front and reach for TODAY Show swag.

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