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What Makes Me Happy

Friday 22 June 2018


As of today, I haven’t been on YouTube for a month. Exactly one month ago I posted two — I repeat — two… whole… videos… stating publicly that I’M BACK! (for good!), but I went back on my word and pretty much dropped the ball on my YouTube game again. hahahahahahah, ay nako Rachel… All I can do is laugh about it because really, there’s no time in this world for being mad at myself for taking a break from my hobby. As much as I’d like to post every week, I need to be realistic and aim for a more attainable goal (i.e. one post a month). Now, that I can do.

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My Half-Year Resolutions 2018

Thursday 14 June 2018


On New Year’s Eve, as a die-hard tradition, I would write out my New Years Resolutions. Pen and paper (or phone and thumbs) in hand ready to take on the new year with my self-actualized list. My lists are filled with long shot aspirations, attainable goals, and TBD self-improvement habits I would hope to check off the list in the new year. However, 2018 NYE was different. I made one and only one resolution: to write more.

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Monday 14 May 2018

Hello Sunshines! Your Favorite #FILAMFANGIRL is back and ready! Enjoy this recap of 2017 and let me know in the comments below what kind of Filipino-based videos you would like to see in the future. Again, thank you so much or helping me reach 8,888 subscribers!! I appreciate all the love and support even when I’m gone. Come back every week for a new video 🙂

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