Catching the Sunrise at Grand Canyon

Let the roadtrip begin! Our first stop from Orange County was Grand Canyon. We went back to our favorite location at Grand Canyon — Mather Point. The last time I remember visiting this place was years ago.

Leaving to Arizona

📍 Home — Orange County, California

Driving through the night to make it in time for the sunrise at Grand Canyon 🚙💨

We made it to Arizona!

That moment when the sun is peeping through the horizon ⛅️

Breath-taking views ☀️

📍 Mather Point — Grand Canyon, Arizona

More views from Mather Point

😂 Grumpy Bear and Happy Camper

When the sun and moon is out ☀️🌕

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Did You Know?

  • The Grand Canyon is 277 river miles long.
  • The canyon is 10 miles wide and more than a mile deep in some places.
  • Two billion years of geologic history are exposed in the canyon’s walls.
  • A tribe of Indians, the Havasupai, live in the canyon’s bottom.
  • The Kaibab white-tailed squirrel, with its distinctive white tail, is found nowhere else on earth except the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.
  • Visitors can descend into the canyon on foot, muleback or via the river in modern rubber rafts.
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