Catching the Sunrise at Grand Canyon

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Let the roadtrip begin! Our first stop from Orange County was Grand Canyon. We went back to our favorite location at Grand Canyon — Mather Point. The last time I remember visiting this place was years ago.

Leaving to Arizona

📍 Home — Orange County, California

Driving through the night to make it in time for the sunrise at Grand Canyon 🚙💨

We made it to Arizona!

That moment when the sun is peeping through the horizon ⛅️

Breath-taking views ☀️

📍 Mather Point — Grand Canyon, Arizona

More views from Mather Point

😂 Grumpy Bear and Happy Camper

When the sun and moon is out ☀️🌕

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Did You Know?

  • The Grand Canyon is 277 river miles long.
  • The canyon is 10 miles wide and more than a mile deep in some places.
  • Two billion years of geologic history are exposed in the canyon’s walls.
  • A tribe of Indians, the Havasupai, live in the canyon’s bottom.
  • The Kaibab white-tailed squirrel, with its distinctive white tail, is found nowhere else on earth except the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.
  • Visitors can descend into the canyon on foot, muleback or via the river in modern rubber rafts.

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