Camping at Colorado’s Hidden Gem

Next time I try to camp 10,000 feet above sea level, I have to prepare my lungs for it. I’ve never been so grateful for oxygen and the ability to breathe in my life until I went to Colorado. My family and I found a hidden gem called Molas Lake Campground and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a little, peaceful campground to stay at. This campground is privately owned and managed by a family. I need to come back here with Mark someday, but in the meantime, my fond memories of this place will suffice.

Molas Lake Campground 7

Molas Lake Campground 3

Molas Lake Campground 6

Molas Lake Campground 5

Molas Lake Campground 4

Molas Lake Campground 2

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📍 Molas Lake Campground

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