Boyfriend to Fiancé: We’re Engaged!

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My boyfriend of seven years asked me to marry him, and I said YES!

So, here is the official blog post where I stop calling him “boyfriend” and start calling him “fiancé” ooooOooo~ so fancy 😆

It’s funny because you would expect an online person like me to have a recording of the engagement, but I’m sorry to say that I don’t have any videos or photos. The only photo I have is the one above of me, Mark, and his parents. We took this photo after we told them the great news that we’re getting married next month. They were very excited for us ❤

I am surprisingly very okay with no one knowing about how Mark asked because it will now and forever be something only we both know. It’s quite romantic — considering the fact that we are vloggers, and I am always recording and sharing almost every aspect of our life online.

Are you ready to read about Our Fairytale Wedding Journey?


lots of butterflies in my tummy,

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  • Noel Barcelona
    2017-11-29 at 03:45

    I am so happy for you! I would praying for your happiness and the success of your marriage! Keep the good things coming!

    • RACHEYwrites
      2018-02-04 at 17:45

      Thank you for the well wishes Noel! And thanks for always supporting us 😄


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