Bloom where you are planted 🌿

Bloom where you are planted. I love this quote. It reminds me of people who are able and willing to grow in any environment, regardless of the conditions of the environment.

When I think of this quote, I think of my godmother — aka Aunty Donah.

Aunty Donah is the exact definition of someone who blooms where she is planted. I say this because she always finds a way to be successful in everything she does. As a doctor, a nail artist, a succulent mommy, a daughter, a godmother… whatever role she takes, she blooms.

I have such high respect for her, especially now.

I haven’t mentioned anywhere on social media about my grandpa (my father’s father) until now. My papa had a stroke in January, and it’s been very difficult for the Bulosan-side of the family since it happened. It’s hard to believe we are coming up on four months since the stroke.

Someday I’ll come back and talk about more details about my grandpa, but it’s still too hard. It’s so hard that I haven’t even brought myself to visit him in Hawaii (yet).

Back to my Aunty Donah… I appreciate, admire, and respect all that she’s doing. It’s a heavy weight to carry when you have to fly between California and Hawaii and do as much as you can for your parents while your dad is in bed, unable to talk, respond, or move.

On a more positive note, don’t take the people you love for granted. Appreciate and love them, because life is fleeting. But don’t let the thought of death or pain consume you… just bloom.

love and light

Rachel Torrelino

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