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The (almost) Last Episode of Gilmore Girls

There’s something about a great story ending just as a chapter is coming to a close and the characters are beginning a new chapter. I just finished Season 7 Episode 22 of Gilmore Girls — the very last episode, at least “the last” before the revival released in 2016. I’m all sorts of mush inside. I cried, I laughed aloud, I felt all sorts of nostalgia for my college years leading up to the awaiting graduation.

Rory is my favorite character.

She is determined, intelligent, loves to read, has high ambitions, and has a very close relationship with her mother. My husband and I already talked about it, and we decided that our future daughter’s name will be Rory. I adore the fact that she aspired to be a writer (more specifically an oversees journalist in the trenches). She is both extraordinary and out of this world because of her accomplishments, yet she still finds a way to be completely relatable through her experiences growing up through the years.

The Gilmore Family & more…

All of the Gilmore Girls characters, imperfect as they are, reminds me of my family. Lorlei reminds me of my mother. Rory’s mother, Lorlei, reminds me of my mom. Witty, strong, loved by all, and willing to do anything to make sure her child lives the life she deserves. Richard Gilmore and Luke, remind me of my dad and my grandpa — hard working, jack of all trades as long as he puts his mind to it, and adamant of doing all they can for their loved ones. Emily Gilmore, is definitely my grandmother as well; less boujee, but personality-wise a duplicate. Lane and Paris, reminds me of my younger sister, always there for me in the toughest of times and willing to listen. April, reminds me of the girl-version of my younger brother, because she is peculiar and kind, and loves science, and always has fun facts.

Maybe I just bawled my eyes out in this episode because I hate when stories, movie trilogies, book series, and television shows end. Sometimes I chicken out and leave the last chapter never to be read because I am that sad that something is coming to a close.

Maybe I also just cried watching this last episode because I miss my family. I really do miss them.

As I write, I’m in San Diego, my sister is with Jenelle in Orange County, and my parents and little brother are in Hawaii. I wish they were in Hawaii for a vacation, but in actuality, they’re in Hawaii because my paternal grandpa had a stroke a week and a half ago. (It’s crazy to think about how much I cried when I watched the Gilmore Girls episode when Richard had a heart attack. That one struck close to home…)

Anyway, Gilmore Girls. Forever a timeless piece, and forever my favorite.

I know this blog post might be a little all over the place, but it’s the most accurate depiction of how my mind is processing information right now… sporadically, emotionally, and relatively. Bare with me, I finally publicly declared on Instagram that my New Years Resolution for 2018 is to write more. So, here I am.


lots of virtual hugs 💙


Now, before I convince myself to not watch Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, I’ll just jump right in it and watch one episode before I go to sleep. Enjoy the video above of the “Top 10 Gilmore Girl Moments” — I should do a Top 10 of my favorites someday. hmm.

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