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Body Positivity & All Sizes Fit One: A Movement by Shannon Galipault

Friday 20 January 2017

Society revolves around this idea that the ectomorph shape (slim, tall, and sometimes delicate-looking) is the only beautiful body shape. It isn’t.

I straddle between mesomorph and endomorph, so you can image how “un-beautiful” my body shape is in terms of the standard of beauty. To be quite frank, I’m still not “beautiful” in society’s eyes. I’m shorter than the average person. I have adult acne. I grow muscles quickly because I did sports in high school. My thighs have always touched. My shoulders are broad. And even when I’m in my fittest shape, I will grow a food baby when I eat.

I’ve been told many times to lay off the carbs, eat less, and run more. The problem is that I love to eat (especially carbs) and running kills my knees. So. I found my love for green tea, at-home zumba, and HIIT workouts. I guess what I’m trying to say to young girls out there is — don’t follow the norm. Pave your own path to what you know is beautiful. Find what works for you to stay healthy mentally and physically. And know that all sizes, shapes, colors, heights, hair colors, eye colors, etc. are beautiful. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a reflection of them, not you.

I took the photo above in 2014 when I felt my strongest and healthiest. I was preparing for pageant season at the time and I chose this specific photo to share to support the #allsizesfitone movement because it was at this moment and on when I learned to I love every inch of my body for what it is. To this day, I’m always working on being the best version of myself, while still loving myself in the process.

Keep up the amazing work @shannanigans26 I’m so glad you’re spreading awareness about this 🙂

— If I tagged you, please share a photo you feel beautiful in and tag #allsizesfitone —

love and light

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