Adventures at the Anaheim Packing District

The Anaheim Packing District is the new fad in Orange County. I have been there twice and I’ve gone back just for the food and the scenery. Today my boyfriend and I went ‘venturing together at the Packing District. He showed me the hidden bar on the lower floor — I was amazed. We ate some delicious homemade ice cream. Mark also ordered a cup of IPA. There are so many things to look at there and so many choices for food, drinks, snacks, etc. I also love that everything is organic, locally grown and community-centered.

Mark and I left later in the afternoon because he was stressing about getting his courses for Fall semester. It is unfortunate that his registration date is in the middle of the summer, while my registration was early this year. Thank you CSULB for allowing us to register super early. Then, again… I may have registered super early because I have so many units and I am senior-standing. hm…

Before we went to the Packing District, we ate dinner at Ami Sushi.

It is affordable and I was craving seafood (we were also too lazy to go to North Shore Poke Co.) so we ate at the closest sushi place we regularly go to. After dinner, Mark and I went to get desserts and hang out at PD.

Mark is also my personal photographer, so thanks for taking my Outfit of the Day pictures babe! The photos above are of me and Mark walking through the alley ways to get to the Packing House. We may have stopped several times next to cool looking garages and walls for some pictures… lol. Oh! and a tip for parking and shoes when going to the Packing District: WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES. Parking can be a pain sometimes because it is in the neighborhood and it will require a walk if it is super crowded. I wore heels last Sunday (because I just came from church with my family) and I regretted trying to walk around on the wooden floors in my heels. I tripped and almost ate the floor. So, comfy shoes are a must. Or at least shoes that won’t get stuck in holes and cracks in the floor are a must.

Mark and I finally arrived at the “secret” bar he’s been telling me about. The guy with the boulder hat in the front was very kind to let us in and chill for a bit even though we were not there to eat or drink. I felt like I was sneaking into a bar during the Prohibition Era.

This place is sooooo cooolllll! It’s very small and very dark, but the menu looked delicious. I want to go back soon and actually have a meal and a drink there.

After The Blind Rabbit, we rode the infamous swing on the lower floor and took some tourist selfies on it. Then, we found this cool wall full of kitchen utensils and I took a picture next to that too. Mark and I rode the elevator up and somehow went back downstairs and came back up again to get his IPA beer (he’s an IPA connoisseur).

The bar we went to to get his beer had the cutest, largest mirrors I’ve ever seen with words that said “Hello Beautiful” and “Hello Handsome” 🙂 The mustache is a nice touch as well.

He bought me some ice cream from Hans’ Homemade Ice Cream and it was refreshing! I ordered the single-scoop cookie dough flavor and I learned that they give a CUP FULL for just one scoop. I felt like I was given three scoops of ice cream, but paid for one.

I finished my ice cream while Mark finished his beer in this discrete corner hangout area. I believe it is discrete and underused because it is right next to the awesome rocking chairs on the “front porch” of the Packing House. Mark and I also had to stay in because no alcohol is allowed beyond the doors of the Packing House. At least that is a good way of keeping people safe and away from the neighborhood. I like that there are many on-duty security guards at this location. It helps me feel safe and sound while I have a good time.

We finally made our way outside after Mark finished his drink and we hung out and talked and people watched on the well-provided lawn chairs in the park area. Our friends call us the “grandma and grandpa” of the group because we find more joy in sitting on a lawn late at night over partying and going to raves. I don’t mind. I love nights like this with the one I love. We are both at the same slothy pace just chillin and relaxing and going with the flow. Thank you for a great night bae (yes, I was content with shortening the word “baby” and “babe” long before before anyone else became a thing… lol). Check out the Anaheim Packing District if you’re down in Orange County!

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  • Lalaine
    2014-07-23 at 02:36

    I wanted to try Han’s and it was closed! I want to try it next time I go. PopBar was ok. I don’t think I’ll go back there again. And I went to PokiNometry. It was delicious! I want to get a large next time!


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