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What Makes Me Happy

Friday 22 June 2018


As of today, I haven’t been on YouTube for a month. Exactly one month ago I posted two — I repeat — two… whole… videos… stating publicly that I’M BACK! (for good!), but I went back on my word and pretty much dropped the ball on my YouTube game again. hahahahahahah, ay nako Rachel… All I can do is laugh about it because really, there’s no time in this world for being mad at myself for taking a break from my hobby. As much as I’d like to post every week, I need to be realistic and aim for a more attainable goal (i.e. one post a month). Now, that I can do.

I know taking time away (again) was necessary for my health and inner peace as well. I’m still adjusting to my new workplace. I’m still adjusting to married life. I’m still adjusting to living in San Diego. I’m adjusting, and I need to be okay with giving myself time and easing myself back into YouTube.

On that note, I’m glad I’m writing as much as I am (both privately and publicly). Writing makes me happy, so I’ve been doing a lot of it to balance out what’s been going on with my family. Reading also makes me happy, and I’ve been doing a lot of that since I deleted all my social media and news apps on my phone. Cooking makes me happy, and I’m getting to the point where I do it every day. Last but not least, YouTube makes me happy. All I need to do is prioritize it when I feel comfortable with my new surroundings and the life obstacles currently testing me. With the all crazy things happening both internally and externally, I can’t help but make these list-y blogs of what makes me happy to ground myself and remind myself to be grateful for the things I do have.


What Makes Me Happy

  1. My husband 💍
  2. The thought of my sister successfully graduating from UCI 🎓
  3. Freshly manicured nails 💅🏽
  4. Emojis and memes 😁
  5. Quality time with my family 🏡
  6. My plant babies: Alee, Ferb, and Lane Bobbi 🌿
  7. Not wearing makeup 💋
  8. The Crazy Rich Asians trilogy 📖
  9. Grilled mushrooms 🍄
  10. Travel memories with Shannon ✈
  11. Decluttering my closet and donating 👗
  12. Anything yellow 💛


I hope you can name a few things that make you happy right now 🙏🏽



love and light,
R A C H E L ∙ T O R R E L I N O

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    Rachel Torrelino
    Friday 22 June 2018 at 10:52 PM

    What’s one thing that is making you happy right now?

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