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Part of Your World 🐚

Monday 11 June 2018


Today I sang “Part of Your World” fromΒ The Little Mermaid to my niece/goddaughter, Sophia Quinn. I wish it was recorded, but some special moments are more special because their private. So, to remember this moment, I’m writing a blog.


I want to remember years from now about the special moment I shared with Sophie as she sung along with me over the phone while I drove home from work. It was a long “off” day, so hearing her voice and talking to her was the most unwinding, relaxing, fulfilling thing I could do. It’s funny how children do that for me — or at least any of my little human family members who call me Aunty Rachel (or my little brother). I could have the most stressful day, but in the end, talking to a child grounds me and helps me remember that these little ones don’t see my flaws or mistakes. They don’t understand office politics, or paying for bills, or other adulting responsibilities. They just want to talk to you and show/tell you about everything they know, hear, and see.


Sophie baby, If you’re reading this in the future, know that I hear the Disney magic in your voice.

Keep that light and spirit alive (especially when you grow up).

I love you πŸ’›




It’s crazy to think we took these photos together a year ago!

I remember riding on the Dumbo ride, and Uncle Mark took this photo.

We went to theΒ Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo-tique to dress her up in a — Can you guess?

AnΒ Ariel dress!


I was lucky enough to have her dress up as Ariel at my wedding day too.


*sigh* Why do babies grow up so quickly?


Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. β€”Winnie the Pooh




Anyway, special shoutout to the babies, toddlers, and little big kids for reminding me that this world is so lucky to have you. You with your eyes wide open, fearlessly ready to take on whatever, and loving others with open arms.


love and light,

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