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My Favorite End-of-Year Videos

Monday 01 January 2018

My Favorite End of Year Videos | RACHEYwrites.com

There are a select few people I patiently wait for to post their end-of-year recap videos, and here are some of my favorites.

I was inspired to share this blog post because of my friend, Jessica Valadez.

As I casually scrolled through Twitter, I came across Jessica’s tweet that her end-of-year video was posted — so I immediately clicked the link. As per usual, her video was moving, raw, pure, and phenomenal. I haven’t met Jessica in person (yet!), but because of YouTube and because of videos like her video, I feel like we’ve connected on another level.

Jessica, if you ever come across this blog, thank you for sharing these audio diaries. One comment on your video is not enough to show how much I appreciate your existence and creativity.

Now, for Jessica’s video, and a few other personal favorites…

My Favorite End-of-Year Videos

“Dear 2017 | My Audio Diaries” by Jessica Valadez

2016 (Her first audio diary was published in 2016.)


“Bye 2017” by Jenn Im, aka clothesencounters

2016 | 2015 | 2014


“A Walk Down Memory Lane – 2016” by Sophia Chang

2015 (I hope she makes a 2017 recap! Currently waiting for one)


“DEAR 2016 | heyclaire” by Claire Marshall

2015 | 2014 (Waiting for Claire to post a “Dear 2017” too!)


“Highlights of 2016 | Jessica MacCleary ♡” by Jessica Neistadt


I hope these videos inspire you in some way shape or form 💙


lots of virtual hugs,

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