Everything Closed for Holy Week

Sunday 09 April 2017

Did you know all businesses in the Philippines are closed during Holy Week?

Yeah, I didn’t know this until recently.

It’s always interesting to learn about the Philippines and my Filipino culture. I started my little Fil-Am Fangirl journey with the sole purpose of learning more and it has grown into something bigger than I’ve ever expected. Through my platform, I’m able to meet filipinos around the world who can relate to my stories and experiences. With the help of social media and technology, I’ve even become close friends with a lot of them. One of my favorite parts about FILAM FANGIRL is meeting the people I meet, and hearing about our filipino culture through their eyes.

An online friend of mine, Keeshia, told me about the fact that all the businesses in the Philippines are closed during Holy Week.

When she told me about it, I was very surprised because we definitely don’t do that here in the United States. This country respects and accepts multiple religious and cultural traditions, but it does not enforce businesses to close for events such as religious observances and holidays. So, a full week off work or school for Holy Week is unheard of here. If someone who practices Christianity/Catholicism happens to want to take Holy Week off, then they are allowed to as long as they make necessary arrangements.

The process is the same for someone who is Muslim and observes Ramadan, someone who is Christian and participates in Ash Wednesday, or someone who is Jewish and observes Yom Kippur. Here in the United States, you are able to freely practice your religion and take days off for religious holidays as long as you let your company know you won’t be there, or let your school know you will be away for sometime.

Random thoughts about religion and fun facts about the Philippines aside, I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! And for my fellow Catholic/Christian peeps, Happy Palm Sunday! 😇 🙏🏽 🌴


lots of virtual hugs,

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