First Day at Sea with Princess Cruises

Monday 06 February 2017

Because I was a cruise-noob (aka “a first timer on a cruise”), I was amazed by every little thing I saw. There are so many pools, jacuzzis, and kiddie pools. The unlimited amount of food was to die for. They had tea time! Right after breakfast, about ten activities are happening at once in different parts of the ship. It was a lot to take in, but my absolute favorite part of the first day was the view. If Moana were out last year, I would have thought of the “How Far I’ll Go” song as I looked at the line where the sky meets the sea… it calls me and no one knows how far it goes 🎶


Backtracking to Monday, January 11, 2016  This day was all about exploring and relaxing. If you don’t know Shannon by now, this is her ☺ She’s my travel bestie and we’ve done roadtrips together, but never a cruise until then. We slept so much on this day, but we didn’t care because we were at sea and we had the whole day until we docked in Mexico the next morning. Let’s rewind and go back to the morning…


After boarding the ship the night before, Shannon and I were exhausted. We were so tired that we missed breakfast and woke up just in time for tea time. Tea time is pretty much the same thing as breakfast, only tea time adds much more pastries to chose from. I didn’t take many photos in the morning except for this selfie because (it doesn’t look like it but) I felt I was still sleeping. The extra sleep from sleeping in felt sooooo nice though. Being off the grid and having no responsibilities or no urgent things to attend to was relaxation at its finest.


After breakfast, we went back to our room and ended up sleeping again! 😂 I guess this is what happens when you’re on a friend trip as opposed to a family trip. At family trips, you’re pretty much obliged to check in with the family, do activities, and let them know you’re still alive and functioning. I channeled my inner snorlax and loved the first nap. (Yes, I said first.)


When we woke up, we were ready for lunch. Eat. Sleep. Eat. Sleep. 👌🏽


Watch the vlog below to see what we did:

In the midst of exploring the top deck, we ended up watching Inside Out and had our second nap in these sunbathing seats. (See photo below) Shannon slept more than me because it was my first time watching the film and she’s watched it before.

We woke up from our nap again and walked across the rest of the ship to the back end. When we found a secluded jacuzzi next to a bar, we randomly decided to go swimming. So we went back to our room to get our swimsuits on, and swam!


After swimming, we went back to the room to shower and… (you guessed it!) nap. We took our third nap because we still had time to kill before the Captain’s Welcome Dinner where we would have to get dressed up and eat dinner with other dressed-up people.

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lots of virtual hugs 💙

📍 Location: Somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico
📆 Date: Monday, January 11, 2016

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